How To Live For Yourself

A pair of footprints in the sand

Are you living out someone’s else idea of life?

Maybe it’s your parents who want you to become a lawyer. Maybe it’s your partner who is nagging you to do “the right thing” and finally start a family.

Don’t give in to these outside forces. Push back. Learn how to live for yourself.


How To Apply Neutral Thinking

A spirit level

Most of the mistakes we make stem from misjudging a situation. We are either way too optimistic or categorically assume the worst.

This is where neutral thinking comes in. By focusing on collecting data, you refrain from rash decisions.


How To Overcome an Us vs. Them Mentality

Protesters and police facing each other

We love ourselves a good enemy.

“These namby-pampy liberals!” “These dumb rednecks!” “These freeloading immigrants!” “These corrupt politicians!”

Why are we so set on an us vs. them mentality?


You Become What You Feed Your Mind

A boy reading a book

We like to blame luck for how our lives turn out. But luck has little to do with it. Rather, you become what you feed your mind.

When you strategically expose yourself to the right kind of intellectual input, you will excel. But feed on the wrong stuff, and you are done for.


How To Be Independent

A man wandering through ruins

Most people live in a prison of their own making.

They have chained themselves to other people — their spouses, their parents, their bosses — and are now completely dependent on them to live their lives.

If that is you, it’s time to take action.


How To Enjoy the Process

A number of rollercoaster tracks against the sky

When you enjoy the process, you focus on the doing over the outcome. The activity itself becomes the reward.

Ironically, those who adopt this mindset also tend to get much better results.


What Does It Mean To Live an Unconventional Lifestyle?

A converted van parked in nature

Most of us live our lives on autopilot. We go to college, we get a job, we get married. And we never question any of it.

But a few free spirits manage to break away from this social script. They choose an unconventional lifestyle, like digital nomadism or polyamory, ignoring the societal pushback.

How do they do it? And is it something you could do as well?


What Does It Mean To Be Free?

A chain-wire fence in front of the horizon

We all dream of more personal freedom, but few of us can pinpoint what that actually entails.

Is it quitting your 9 to 5? Traveling the world? Having an open relationship? Pursuing your passion?

What does it mean to be free?


How To Be Less Sensitive

An open umbrella in the rain

Does the slightest criticism leave you uprooted? Then you might have a problem with being too sensitive.

Hypersensitive people tend to take everything to heart, even trivialities that shouldn’t affect them. This can seriously reduce their quality of life.

Fortunately, you can learn how to be less sensitive.