How To Want Less

Three empty hangers on a clothing rack

Consumerism is wrecking our lives.

We consume, so we can forget about our boring 9-to-5 lives. Buying stuff is how we kick back. But this in turn further chains us to our jobs.

It’s the perfect vicious cycle.


How To Lead a Life of Simplicity

A small boat on the shore

Our lives have too many moving parts.

First, there are all the things you should be doing. Work hard. Pay attention to your family. Exercise regularly. Volunteer.

Then there is the myriad of distractions around us. Social media. Video games. Netflix. Online porn. Consumerism.

Between duties and time wasters, we have no space to ourselves. It makes us yearn for a life of simplicity.


What Are the Best Minimalist Hobbies?

Three boules balls next to a jack

Some hobbies require a lot of equipment. Think quilting or music production. So, which pastimes can you enjoy as a minimalist, without cluttering up your home?

But even if you prefer an equipment-rich hobby, there are still ways to make that work. You just need to become a bit more creative.


What Are the Best Minimalist Jobs?

A minimalist workstation

Most jobs create overwhelm.

Hundreds of emails. Endless backlogs. Crazy bosses. Office politics.

You can try to put up with it. Or you can find a minimalist job which eliminates these distractions.


How To Adopt a Minimalist Mindset

A budding flower

To succeed with minimalism, you need to adopt a minimalist mindset.

Only when you know your reasons will you be able to make minimalism stick.

This goes well beyond decluttering your wardrobe. A minimalist mindset signifies a radical departure from what we value as a society.

It affects everything — your behavior as a consumer, your productivity, even your relationship style.


Quality Over Quantity: What It Means And How To Live By It

One smooth stone next to a bunch of rugged stones

Are you getting a nagging sense that you should choose quality over quantity in your life more often?

Maybe you are weighed down by a plethora of consumer goods that keep breaking.

Maybe your large social circle doesn’t provide the fulfillment you were hoping for.

Maybe you have a million ideas, but feel that you should focus on just one.


What Is Extreme Minimalism — And Is It for You?

Me sitting next to my few belongings

Have you ever wondered “What if I didn’t own all that stuff?” How liberating would that feel?

I know I did. So in late 2014, I sold almost everything. Since then, I have been living with only what I can fit into a backpack.

This lifestyle is called extreme minimalism. Think 15 items or less, no furniture, and sleeping on the ground.