Accountability Partner Checklist: What To Look For

A man writing on a clipboard

Finding the right accountability partner is a struggle. I know, because it took me many attempts before I finally got with the right person.

To speed up the process, I have created this accountability partner checklist. By knowing what qualities to look for, you will save yourself a lot of time (and headache).


How To Stop Scrolling

A man scrolling on his phone

At this point, we are all addicts.

We are addicted to our screens. Just the least bit of idle time, and we reach for our phones. It doesn’t even register anymore. We scroll on auto-pilot.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.


What Are Micro Habits—And Do They Work?

A medical dropper with glass containers

Often, we have these grand resolutions. We want to lose weight. We want to read more. We want to start our own business. But somehow, it never happens.

This is where micro habits come in. By setting the bar incredibly low, we finally stop procrastinating.


How To Stop Procrastinating With the Seinfeld Strategy

A calendar with days being crossed off

Do you struggle with consistency?

Maybe you want to get fit but cannot bring yourself to show up at the gym every day. Maybe you want to write a novel, but somehow never get around to putting words on paper.

Then the Seinfeld Strategy might be for you. By tracking your progress on a simple wall calendar, you can bring about significant positive change.


How To Increase Willpower

A man swimming in a lake

If you struggle with resisting temptation, you are not alone. As consumers, we have been conditioned to always choose the easy option. Get that Double Big Mac meal. Make another impulse buy on Amazon.

Fortunately, this process can be reversed. You can learn how to increase willpower. Once you do, all areas of your life will dramatically improve.


How To Find a Virtual Accountability Partner

A man and a woman having a video call

Are you trying to achieve an ambitious goal like getting fit or building a business?

Then, consider finding a virtual accountability partner. When you have someone check in with you via email or Zoom, your goal adherence goes up — a lot.


How To Protect Your Energy

A man sitting on a mountain top

Every day is an attack on our senses.

Rude people on the subway. Your boss losing his temper. Blood and thunder on the news. Endless clickbait on social media.

You must protect your energy against this onslaught, or you’ll get swept away by it.