The Ultimate Guide to the 5-Hour Rule

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Most of us don’t spend enough time adding new skills to our toolbox. We get stuck in our corporate jobs, where we execute the same few procedures day in and day out.

The 5-hour rule is here to remedy that. It makes sure you invest at least 5 hours each week in improving yourself. This will create exciting new opportunities for you.


The Importance of Small Steps

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Most people have hardly enough time for work and family, let alone self-improvement.

This is where the importance of small steps comes in.

When you break down complex tasks into their components and just invest 10 minutes each day, it still adds up.

Before you know it, you have lost those extra 10 pounds or found your first paying customer.


How To Start an Accountability Group

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Do you struggle with staying the course?

If you have a big life goal but aren’t making progress, starting an accountability group might be the answer.

Studies have shown over and over again that being held accountable is the key to success.


What Areas of Life Matter the Most?

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We sometimes get the nagging feeling that we are not paying enough attention to a particular area of our lives. Something is out of balance.

Maybe you are not getting enough exercise. Or you are not spending enough time with close friends. Perhaps you are stuck careerwise.

To solve this, we must first get an overview. What areas of life should we concern ourselves with? Also, how many different areas can we realistically juggle?


The 6 Types of Habits You Need To Know About

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Not all habits are created the same. For example, shaking a bad habit like smoking works differently than building a good habit like meditating. They each have their own process.

Understanding these different types of habits will give you a better chance of succeeding with them.


How To Stop Overextending Yourself

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Do you have too much on your plate?

When you are prone to overextending yourself, you believe you can always take on one more project.

But it’s a fool’s errand. You will do none of your projects justice. Instead, you will burn yourself out in the process.


Why Consistency Is Key

A man at the gym deadlifting

No matter what area of life you look at — health, finances, relationships — consistency is key. If you put the reps in, you are bound to succeed.

However, most of us struggle with consistency. Doing the same thing over and over again gets boring quickly.

How can you circumvent that?


How Would You Spend Your Ideal Day?

Me looking out over the sea

Do you sometimes wonder what your ideal day would look like?

It’s not just some idle thought experiment.

When we understand what things need to happen every day, we can build a better life for ourselves.

Learn why a beach day does not equal your ideal day, and how you can design your ideal day.